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Devil’s Peak is the highest point in the Salmon-Huckleberry wilderness. The top is graced with a historic fire lookout completely maintained by volunteers and offered on a first-come first-serve basis. We set out from the Cool Creek trailhead which put us immediately on a steep assault up the mountain, climbing 3200 feet in about 4 miles. 

The interior of the lookout itself was pretty rad and kept in pretty good shape although the dirty cots left much to be desired. We met this smiling hiker here and took a small lunch break inside as a spring blizzard blew almost full force outside. A few other hikers wandered in for respite and we shared tea and stories waiting for the storm to pass.

Saturdays are for wintry shelter.

Devil’s Peak. Thanks for the photo, Tally!

Got a little joyride outta this that day. One of the first times back on since I got my license almost a year ago! Been looking for the perfect bike with the right amount of zip and sass; something small + preferably a scrambler—anyone have a lead? :)

Beautiful photos!

Much appreciated!

What kind of camera do you shoot with? I love all your photos so much!

Thank you! I shoot on a Nikon D3200 and occasionally on my smartphone :)

Hello there! I'm not sure how long you've been in the PNW, so maybe you've explored this area already, but once HWY 20 opens up through the cascades for the summer it's an amazing drive! Especially right in the beginning of the spring, or in the fall just before it closes. It goes through the Methow Valley (gorgeous!) and a westernized tourist town called Winthrop. On your way back down to PDX, go through Dry Falls! Gorgeous.

That sounds like such an amazing trip; thanks for sharing this awesome itinerary :) I just googled everything you mentioned and I’m drooling. I’m aching for summer to get here and to get out in the sun!

Handsome mo’fucka pt. II