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hey, im young and i want to travel when im older, how do u manage?
by Anonymous

Sometimes it takes a little planning and a lot of budgeting, and that’s the reality for a lot of people—it’s a whole process. But other times you just fuckin’ do it. Put all the hesitation and hemming and hawing aside and cannonball yourself right into it.

Oh then I was right! Thats the district I worked in when I did Wildland firefighting for 3 years. I know a ton of cool spots in that wilderness. You should check out Rebel Rock lookout. Its an abandoned lookout in the wilderness you can stay in. You take the 19 road to get to it.

Dude, thanks so much for the sweet insider’s tip! I’ll definitely check it out!

Hello! I absolutely love your photography, and i was wondering what camera you use? I'm buying a new one soon and am torn between so many
by Anonymous

I’v previously shot on a Nikon D3200, which I thought was great. I’m now shooting on a Canon 5D.

Looking at your blog deffinitly puts a lot of inspiration in my mind I must say. Just like you I live in the beautiful pnw but up until recently it wasn't so beautiful to me. Seeing pictures and going out and exploring really opens the eye on the true inner beauty and uniqueness of the pnw. Your pictures are outstanding and Deffinitly motivate me to never stop adventuring

It’s amazing that so many people don’t realize how fucking amazing Oregon is. And how incredibly accessible all this beautiful naturey stuff is.

Do you have an Instagram?
by Anonymous

Yes! You can find me here: @charleyzheng