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I want to start camping and backpacking more but my friends don't enjoy it and I'm too nervous to go alone. How do you recommend meeting new people to go adventuring with?
by Anonymous

Hm, I’d try meetups if I were you—find an existing community of people who are into that stuff and introduce yourself!  I can guarantee you there will be PLENTY of people out who will be eager to go out and explore with you as well!

What do you do for a living?
by Anonymous

Currently I work at a brand and product design agency as a digital strategist. So by day I do a lot of thinking and writing around brands, businesses, and digital marketing. But when the weekend comes, I love to shut my brain off and go play in the sun :)

Your photography is amazing. Do you have an Instagram?

Thank you so much! And most certainly I do—you can find me @charleyzheng